calimapBased in Northern California and founded in the summer of 2008, Newborn Apple® is a design company that creates limited edition artwork for t-shirts, banners, and custom figurines. The designs are both original and unique and are influenced by culture, media, society, humor and life. The collective experience of all the members of Newborn Apple® span art, design, photography and fashion. Each member plays a part whether it be in the creative development of style, the research of trends, the networking of friends and resources and even the occassional reality check. It all keeps Newborn Apple® grounded, honest and true to it’s style which in turn is a commitment to loyal fans. Bottom line is we design cool stuff.

We all know that nothing in life is free. You gotta earn everything and take chances because if you don’t, you’ll just never know. Sounds cliché, but it couldn’t be more true. Newborn Apple® is a journey that has endless possibilities, yet it’s immediate goal is to create artwork that we are proud of and that we can label with the Newborn Apple® brand. It’s not worth it to us to create something “just because”. We’re sharing the creative part of ourselves and are focused on creating a product that our customers will love. It’s our vision to create Newborn Apple® into a true brand followed by fans that believe in the style and the art. Things will be slow in the beginning as they always are when you’re starting a new venture, building a brand, and a developing a loyal fan base. But that just comes with the territory.

what means
What does Newborn Apple mean?

Newborn Apple symbolizes the rebirth of creative interests in the things we love—art, photography, and fashion. It is a reflection of our influences and the inherent energy, wonder, and freedom that we all have within us from the moment we first open our eyes.

Yes, it is that simple. Back to the basics, back to creative freedom. We’re creating art and having fun doing it. We hope you will stick around.


Newborn Apple® Staff